• Essentials Tips for a Successful Real Estate Career


    Carnan Properties’ top producer and broker, Connie Zubizarreta has built an successful career in real estate based on trust and centered on professionalism. With a background in Marketing and Sales, Connie knows what it takes to provide an exceptional experience for her clients. She is ready to go the extra mile for each and every client, as well as in all that she does. So it is not surprising that we turned to her when it came time to write a blog on the essential tips for a successful career in real estate. According to Connie, these following  6 tips have been her guiding principles since the very beginning:


    1. Client Needs 

    Listen carefully to what your clients are envisioning for their new home. For example, if they are looking for a home zoned to certain school make sure to stay within that radius.


    1. Not a Consultant

    By this, Connie means that the job of a good realtor is to highlight the features of the house but not sway their viewpoint one way or the other. It is the buyers who need to decide whether they like those features or not since the house could be their potential new home.


    1. Housing Market and its Trends

    Networking is an essential part of a realtor’s life. Whether it is a professional or a social event, you should be educated about the neighborhood’s housing market because you could meet a potential client there.


    1. Be Prompt 

    You should always return phone calls and emails immediately. This simple rule can change your career. Your quick response comes across as someone who is responsible and values her/his clients needs.


    1. Be Reliable

    What does that mean? Simply put, it means to follow through with the task on hand and respond to the client on a timely fashion.


    1. Communication Skills

    Buying or selling a house can be a daunting process for your clients. So, it is your responsibility as their sales associate to communicate and guide them effectively through the entire process whether it has to do with the house inspection or dealing with the title company.  Let them know what to expect next.

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