• 7 Considerations When Shopping For Commercial Property For Sale

    Published by Carnan Properties on October 19, 2016 Commercial real estate transactions involve the transfer of much larger sums than is typical in the residential market. Additionally, buyers are sharply focused on the financial ROI and long-term business feasibility of the property. The overall result of these factors makes buying commercial property far more complex than buying residential real […]

  • What to Do Before Purchasing Commercial Property For Sale

    Published by  Carnan Properties on May 26, 2016 Commercial properties typically require a far greater investment, a longer pre-purchase research phase, and a more exacting mortgaging process than residential properties. The stakes are also higher with commercial real estate because, as a business asset, the property cannot be held onto out of mere preference but must be […]

  • Choosing the Best-Located Commercial Property for Sale

    Commercial property is distinguished from all other property types by its single, overriding purpose—to yield a profit to the property owner. This profit can be derived from the business activities that the property facilitates, from rental payments on leased-out buildings, or from resale of the property, frequently following renovation, for a sum higher than the acquisition price.

  • 8 Top Tips When Looking For Commercial Property For Sale

    Published by Carnan Properties on January 26, 2016 Searching for the best commercial property for sale and going through the purchasing process can be both time-consuming and expensive, and business owners and investors simply cannot afford to make the wrong decision when the stakes are so high. Without adequate preparation and expert advice, the odds […]

  • Factors to Consider When Looking for Commercial Property For Sale in Houston

    Published by  Carnan Properties  on December 11, 2015 As the largest city in Texas, a state that has significantly outgrown the overall U.S. economy in recent years, Houston is attracting commercial real estate investors from all across the country. Home to a big and bustling downtown business hub, the prestigious Inner Loop, Medical Center, and […]