• 5 Tips to Buyers of Luxury Homes

    Shopping for luxury homes can be a daunting endeavor to the uninitiated; the market is highly diverse, has extremely high financial stakes, and is fraught with unwritten rules and recommended best practices that do not necessarily apply in the lower-tier market. It behooves those interested in finding and acquiring a luxury home to learn all they […]

  • Popular Elements of Luxury Home Plans

    When looking to buy or sell a luxury home, it helps to familiarize yourself with the elements commonly included in today’s luxury home plans. By “plan,” here, we mean the total layout of the property, both interior and exterior, from the rooms included in the floor plan to luxury amenities and even the landscaping and […]

  • How Experienced Agents Successfully Sell Luxury Homes

    Published by Carnan Properties on September 14, 2016 Selling luxury homes requires a “special touch,” unique and creative approaches, and in-depth knowledge of the local, luxury housing market. The particular challenges of successfully marketing luxury homes include the limited number of qualified buyers, widely geographically dispersed buyers, and the frequent desire of sellers to remain at […]

  • Top 10 Interior Features of Modern Luxury Homes

        Luxury homes are defined by their scenic and strategic locations and by their lush, expansive lots with abundant outdoor amenities. Another defining factor of luxury homes, however, is an interior fully equipped with a host of rooms and features that rival the world’s leading resorts. Below, we briefly acquaint you with 10 of the most […]

  • What Determines the Value of Luxury Homes?

        Luxury homes, typically defined as those sold for $500,000 or more, are purchased by approximately 9% of home buyers, thus representing a small but highly significant portion of the housing market. Their prices range from the threshold of counting as “luxury” to literally tens of millions of dollars, and there are many factors […]

  • Open Houses and Luxury Homes

    Luxury homes require a unique approach to successfully market due both to a more restricted prospects pool and the “shopping habits” of high-end house hunters. Luxury home viewings will not uncommonly begin online in the form of picture galleries and virtual video tours or via luxury real estate specialty magazines. And the last step before making a sale may well be a private viewing by a highly interested party who has already done his/her “homework” and comes all but committed to making an offer and negotiating an acceptable deal.

  • Practices of Brokers of Luxury Homes

    Luxury real estate is a unique challenge to market, and those interested in buying or selling luxury homes would do well to find an agent with long experience in the the high-end market as well as in the local area. The strategies of real estate agents differ from those of the general market, and buyers, sellers and agents-in-training can all benefit from learning some of the typical practices of brokers of luxury homes.

  • The 10 Top Features of Luxury Homes that Home Shoppers Are Looking For

    Published by  Carnan Properties on January 14, 2016 If you are looking for a luxury-level home to purchase in the Houston area, you will have no shortage of options. You will find there to be a great volume as well as variety to choose from, including elegant mansions, plush, upscale ranches, high-rise condominiums in the Downtown […]

  • What to Look For When Looking For Luxury Homes

    Published by  Carnan  Properties  on  December 20, 2015 Luxury homes come in a vast variety of construction types, styles, sizes, and locations. Anyone shopping for a luxury piece of real estate will need to know what factors to look for when looking for that perfect home. In and around Houston, TX, luxury-level homes and neighborhoods are […]

  • Defining Luxury Homes

    [Posted on January 5  ,2016 by Carnan Properties] The wealthy consumer of today is more informed, more exposed to the world, more aware of the environment, and by far, more sophisticated than any generation to date. Luxury is the fusion of travel, education, art, architecture, and commodities. Luxury is more about experience than possessions, more […]