• Choosing a Luxury Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Property

    Selling luxury real estate presents many unique challenges, not least of all that the pool of qualified buyers is much smaller. In fact, only about 10% of all home sales take place in the luxury market. Additionally, many luxury homes were custom-built and contain amenities, features, and whole rooms that require some real creativity to market. Finding the […]

  • Popular Elements of Luxury Home Plans

    When looking to buy or sell a luxury home, it helps to familiarize yourself with the elements commonly included in today’s luxury home plans. By “plan,” here, we mean the total layout of the property, both interior and exterior, from the rooms included in the floor plan to luxury amenities and even the landscaping and […]

  • Investing in Luxury Real Estate

    While luxury real estate is, to an extent, a “high-end homeowners market,” it is at the same time a major investment market, and even luxury home owners must carefully consider the investment aspect of their purchases due to the high price tag involved. “Luxury” real estate is usually defined as homes selling for $500,000 to a […]

  • 20 Tips for Buying/Selling Luxury Real Estate

    Published by Carnan Properties on February 14, 2016 The luxury real estate market is unique in many ways for buyers and sellers alike, and the learning curve can be challenging, even for those with a good grasp on the lower-tier market. For this reason, it is well worthwhile to learn some tips from those experienced […]

  • Shopping for Luxury Real Estate in the Heart of Houston

    When looking for luxury homes, high rise condos, and other forms of luxury real estate, Houston, TX, is one of the best markets you will find. Houston is now the fourth-largest U.S. city and continues to grow amid the strong Texas economy. Its downtown alone contains over 3,500 businesses, making it a city with ample […]

  • The Advantages of Luxury Real Estate

    Posted on December 15 , 2015 by  Carnan Properties How does one define luxury? Is it the trappings of wealth? Is it the creature comforts that we so often take for granted? At Carnan Properties, we define luxury as living well, and all that doing so entails. It is having the time and place to reflect […]

  • The 10 hottest neighborhoods in and around Houston

    [Posted on October 26th by Carnan Properties] Houston is huge, and the neighborhood you choose will have a big impact on your living experience. Each of the following amazing neighborhoods boasts its own, distinctive character. Experience luxurious living, great schools, and plenty of access to all of Houston’s shopping, dining, shopping centers, restaurants and other […]