• Sheds and then there are She Sheds!

    We are so excited to announce
     that the She Shed trend is here to stay!! Imagine a home away from home right in your backyard. A space just to call your own whenever you need to get away would be so relaxing. You can design it to meet your passion or your hobby. One of our clients decided that she needed her own space in the backyard to catch up with her work. So like her, you can have an “outdoor” office designed to meet your aesthetics. 



    Our CEO, Carmina Zamorano is an avid reader, whether it is to do with real estate or equestrian happenings across the globe. So her she shed would be designed with a comfortable couch with a few chairs and some beautiful antique chandeliers. 



    Our broker, Connie Zubizarretta enjoys reading and loves to invite her girlfriends over for coffee. Her she shed look would be a creative space with some floral furniture with a couple of delicate coffee tables. We can totally see her with beautiful floor lamps, a coffee and expresso machine, and china cups. 



    The great thing about the she shed is that you can personalize it anyway you want it because it is your own unique space. If you are into crafts, you could organize your getaway with shelves, tool rack, and paper drawers without having to worry about making sure they are all out of reach from the kids. You can further personalize your shed by picking out the colors that reflect your personality. Looking for a bigger backyard for your She Shed? The perfect place to look is the Woodlands! With larger lots and spacious yards, it is the ideal part of town to find your dream backyard getaway.