• Trailblazer: Carmina Zamorano at the Forbes Powerful Women of 2017


    Hard work, perseverance, dedication, and passion are essential in the business world to forge your own path as an eminent business leader. Carmina Zamorano has used these tools through challenging the stereotypical image of a successful CEO of a company. This year, Forbes recognized her as one of the leaders and role models for the future generations at the Forbes Powerful Women of 2017 that took place in Mexico City yesterday. This honor doesn’t really surprise anyone who knows her. Raised by parents who believed that the sky was the limit as far as their daughter was concerned, it was quite natural for Carmina to figure out her goals early on and systematically focus on them. One of her core beliefs is that for any culture and country to progress, girls should be given the same opportunities and tools to succeed in the professional arena as boys. By finding her own success, she has paved the way for women in the industry by being a role model.



    As a panelist, Carmina talked about the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur and the ways in which she addressed these challenges that led to her success. She also talked about the importance of smart real estate investments in Houston as well as in the USA. There are many ways to invest in a new home including the EB5 Immigration through Investment program (Green Card). The Forbes event was an amazing opportunity for the women not only to share their experiences but to inspire young girls and women that dreams are attainable with the right mindset and dedication. Carmina Zamorano is a true embodiment of the American Dream.