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    We couldn't have found our dream home without the help of Carnan Properties - thanks again for all your help
    The choice of properties was amazing
    Written by: Aimee L.
    Date Published: 2014-01-12

    "The choice of properties was amazing. We couldn't have found our dream home without the help of Carnan Properties - thanks again for all your help!"

  • Carnan Properties
    Opened up a whole new world of possibilities for us - excellent service
    Excellent servic
    Written by: Gordon W.
    Date Published: 2014-02-25

    "We knew what we wanted but couldn't find a way to make it happen. Until we contacted Carnan Properties that is. They opened up a whole new world of possibilities for us - excellent service."

Questions related to Luxury Homes

What features can I expect in luxury homes?

  • June 26, 2016

    3 Helpful Tips for Selling Luxury Homes

    Luxury homes are more difficult to sell for several reasons, including a narrower field of qualified buyers, lengthier mortgaging and negotiation processes, and a more seasonally affected market. This underscores the importance of using a real estate broker with experience in the luxury market. Below, we offer three pieces of advice homeowners can put into practice to successfully sell their luxury homes:

    1. Price it correctly: Have a broker do a detailed comparative market-analysis on your luxury home, and then price it competitively. Don’t necessarily hire the agent who promises to sell it at the highest asking price—that might delay the sale and force you to lower the price later anyway. Leave a little room for negotiation, and “shoot straight” from the beginning to attract more potential buyers.
    2. Hold a broker-only open house: Luxury homes are ill-served by buyer open houses, which bring in mostly unqualified buyers, but broker open houses often spread the word to true prospects (through the brokers who attend).
    3. Advertise online but not only online: Unless you wish to keep the sale very discreet, use the Internet to generate interest in your luxury home. Use an agent with a website and blog, who can place mobile-responsive ads in key locations, and who includes high-quality photo and video tours in their online marketing.
  • January 26,2016

    Luxury homes run the gamut of real estate, so defining “luxury” in terms of specific features varies from person to person. What some consider luxury may seem austere to another. And there is no set of standard features that will designate a home as luxury. Sometimes luxury is obvious, as might be the case with an expensive and opulent mansion with lots of land. Or, it can be more unobtrusive and smaller, like a studio loft in the city, or a log home in the woods.

    Still, the word luxury conjures up certain images for most people when it comes to features in a home. Some imagine a large property with a tennis court, swimming pool and large stone patio. A sauna and hot tub are usually on the list, as is a large master bedroom with a decadent bathroom containing a shower with multiple heads and a whirlpool bath. So as you can see, luxury can vary from person to person.

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