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With World Class Connections

We are a full-service boutique real estate company with deep Houston roots. Carnan Properties are proud to work together with consumers, builders, developers, and other partners in the real estate market. Our dedication to service is reflected in our chemistry with our clients and the long-term relationships and international connections we have developed over time. Every step of our process is infused with the collaborative spirit for a luxury experience that inevitably leads to the doorstep of your ideal home.


The static and dry real estate experience of yesterday is history. Just as Carnan Properties takes pride in elevating the Houston landscape, skyline, and community with every new development, our penthouse Galleria area headquarters is consciously designed for the benefit of our team, our clients, and the Carnan culture.

The renowned Carnan Properties workspace was designed by a local architect who combined materials from Houston and around the world into one organic environment where the passion is palpable. Warm lighting, skyline views, whimsical art, and multicolored walls combine to create an open, inviting atmosphere for all who enter.

Carnan Properties, Houston's Real Estate Leaders


We don’t recruit our people; we choose them. The property you procure will be just right for you, but our team is what makes Carnan special. When it comes to finding a home that mirrors your personal aesthetic and meets your daily needs, our agents’ knowledge and understanding create an experience found only at Carnan Properties.

Carnan agents know the city of Houston as well as they know their own neighborhoods, yet every day our agents learn something new and exciting to share about our dynamic community. Our agents are a mix of seasoned professionals and energetic upstarts, many of whom come from families that have been in Houston for generations.

Informed, passionate, intelligent, and prepared, the Carnan Team is always ready to serve you.

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At Carnan, we recognize the importance of a healthy, vibrant community. We feel that supporting the community in which we work and live is not just a good idea, but our collective responsibility. Born from our efforts to help provide relief to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, Carnan Cares uses the resources at our disposal to support and give to local nonprofit organizations. Our Carnan family is committed to building a Houston that is better for all— because we care.

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