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Founder | CEO

English, German and Spanish



If you looked up the definition of a “serial entrepreneur,” you would find the charming, adventurous spirit known as Carmina Zamorano. As an international CEO and business magnate, Carmina specializes in incubating successful companies. She’s been just as prosperous starting an international bank as she has cultivating a world-renowned high-end jewelry and sunglasses line. From payroll to consulting and now real estate, Carmina’s leadership has shepherded countless companies to market domination.

In Carnan, Carmina has found her calling: to develop the city of Houston and add to its ongoing story. For her, there is no better gift than to contribute to the skyline and landscape of a neighborhood, and to make it better for the future of the people who live there.

As she describes it:

“It’s amazing to create a city, one building at a time. To wake up one day and say, ‘Oh my god, we helped build that high rise, and we sold that one.’ When we develop a project, people move in and we create this community. When times are tough, you see how a community of people can come together to help. You’re building the city all the time. Every time you build, and every time you move, it shows some kind of change. And the city you build is the city that you’re giving to your kids. What could be a better gift? You create the city that you live in. It’s just amazing. I get a chill every time I say it.”

From a business perspective, Carmina’s goal is to lead Carnan to the number one spot in Houston’s boutique real estate industry, and to build the new generation of top producers in the City of Houston. But Carmina’s business acumen is only part of the story. It is her personal drive to develop homes for others that has made Carnan Properties the business that speaks to her the most.

Carmina considers herself an “exceptionally traditional” woman who swoons over Lusitano horses, delights in international art, and enjoys fashion and luxury living. Carmina speaks Spanish, English, and German fluently, and has traveled extensively around the world. Her favorite places on Earth are San Miguel de Allende and Aspen, Colorado. She loves to explore different cultures while representing her own, making her a social ambassador for Mexico and a global socialite.

“A house is just a building. A home is a sensation.”

— Carmina