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Vice President | Developer Services

Casey Ebel is a premium general practitioner of real estate services. From research and analysis to conception and planning to sales and pricing strategy, Casey has the skills and experience to shepherd a project smoothly from design to completion.

A Chicago native and Purdue graduate, Casey began her real estate career developing residential projects in Southern and Central Florida. She then returned to her hometown to work for Equity Marketing Services, rising through the ranks to become the company’s nationwide Director of Sales & Marketing. In 2013, Casey relocated to Houston with her family to serve as Vice President of Development Services for Sudhoff Companies, overseeing sales of new single family townhome construction. It was there that she met and began a strong working relationship with Carnan Properties President Neal Hamil and Director of Marketing Jacqueline Elliott. During her time at Sudhoff, Casey spearheaded the growth of the company’s condominium developments, getting in on the ground floor to help shape Houston’s recent boom of urban condominium developments.

Whether she is determining what will work best for the land and the neighborhood, deciding amenities and reviewing floor plans, or developing a pricing strategy and managing a sales team, Casey loves the challenge of developing a new property from the ground up. She consistently applies her analytical skills and knack for people to help builders and developers create and deliver successful projects that enhance their cities and neighborhoods.

Since her departure from Sudhoff Companies, Casey has spent her time continuing to cultivate the strong relationships she has formed here in Houston through her own real estate consulting business; collaborating with builders and developers to conceptualize and execute a wide variety of new developments. However, she desired to develop projects on a larger scale. Now, with the support of Carnan Properties, Casey has the resources to provide guidance, leadership, and direction for her clients that will help shape all three major Houston skylines.

“In a way, property development is like a puzzle. You have to determine what’s going to be successful, set your goals from the very beginning, lay out your strategy, and make it happen. It gives me pride to achieve our goals and exceed expectations, and have a hand in creating something impactful. I didn’t build it with my own hands, but I was a part of what made it happen. That success is what drives me.”

— Casey