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REALTOR® Associate

Endelea McMillan loves all things Texan. A proud Houstonian for more than 10 years, she considers our city to be the best place to work, play, and raise a family. Her own relocation experience has inspired and prepared her to inform and assist others who wish to relocate, and she prides herself on being a personal ambassador for her clients.

Prior to becoming a REALTOR® associate and joining the Carnan team, Endelea worked as an analyst for a leading offshore oil & gas company. Her analytical skill set made her pivotal to the company when commodities prices dropped and she helped her company boost profit margins during the economic downtown. After the economic recovery, her entrepreneurial spirit drove Endelea to bring her technical knowledge, analytical skills, and hands-on approach to a new path with Carnan Properties.

Following in her family’s footsteps, Endelea attended Xavier University of New Orleans where she studied Chemistry and Finance. As a mother of two, she is intimately involved in Houston’s athletic, nonprofit, and education networks. Her outstanding business acumen, vast knowledge, and constant curiosity for new and exciting things allow her to recognize value in a property and its neighborhood so that her clients can make the most informed decision possible.