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Director of Marketing & Business Development

Jacqueline Elliott bases her work first and foremost on ROI. She has spent her career growing businesses, and now she is bringing that elite know-how to marketing and business development at Carnan Properties. As Director of Marketing, Jacqueline contributes to Carnan’s strategic marketing initiatives, and is responsible for timely and effective execution of all marketing projects. She deploys thoughtful, trackable business strategies that lead to the success of her projects.

She has a deep understanding of the distinct flavor and style of real estate marketing. She has advised CEOs and led communications teams within Fortune 500 companies, has partnered with more than 60 top builders and developers, and represented nearly $1 billion in residential developments. Her pursuit of excellence has led her through more than 25 years of marketing, branding and operations experience, including a period as Director of Marketing at Sudhoff Properties, where she collaborated with Carnan Properties Vice President of Developer Services Casey Ebel.

Having cultivated a network of established builders and industry partners across the Greater Houston area, Jacqueline has also overseen numerous custom luxury homes as well as notable condominium developments.

Jacqueline finds tranquility spending time with her family having fun in the sun, hitting the slopes, or turning over tires at Crossfit. This Nashville native harnesses intensity and intentionality for success both in and out of the gym.

“Just like the growth we have seen and will continue to see in the Houston area, I never stop growing my knowledge and strategies to make my clients’ lives better. I bring a tireless work ethic to everything I do, Carnan included.”

— Jacqueline