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REALTOR® Associate

When Jeanette and her family moved to Houston from London three years ago, they discovered a feeling of community that was absent from their previous home. Three years later, their appreciation has grown into a deep love for the city and the diversity of its culture.

A native of Copenhagen, Jeanette acts as an ambassador wherever she goes, both for Americans who wish to understand the culture of her native Denmark and for Danes who need a friendly face to introduce them to their new home. As a part of Houston’s thriving Danish community, she has assisted many families in their relocation and acclimation efforts. She is on the board of the local Danish Saturday School and volunteers her time as a representative for Danes Worldwide.

Jeanette has always had an affinity for architecture and interior design. A childhood spent immersed in some of the Old World’s most impressive architectural achievements has given her a unique eye for spaces, and she delights in helping her clients find a home where they can write their own story. Whether it’s up the road or halfway around the world, Jeannette works hard to find her clients a place where they can fall in love they same way she did with her home in Houston.

Aside from being active in her Danish community, Jeannette is an avid painter, photographer, and fashionista. She cherishes her early morning runs in the beautiful parks of Houston, and she can’t imagine a better city to raise her two children. Before becoming a REALTOR®, she had a career in advertising and served at the Danish embassy in London. She holds degrees from Tietgentsskolen Business College and London Metropolitan University.