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Realtor® Associate | Residential & Commercial

Landon first fell in love with Houston when he moved here more than a decade ago, and since his start in real estate at the age of 18 he has cultivated leading-edge knowledge of the city’s most exciting developments. His keen market awareness and large rolodex of colleagues across the industry keep him up-to-date on the newest properties in the hottest neighborhoods. Whatever his clients are looking for in a home, Landon can find it in their ideal area and provide expert advice on its long-term potential.

Landon is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of property investment, routinely guiding his clients toward homes and neighborhoods that will both fulfill their desires and grow with them over time. He knows both sides of the industry from his years spent in commercial development, and he uses this experience to give his clients the confidence that they are buying right: for themselves and for the future.

His higher education began in Switzerland at Franklin College. He then transferred to the University of Houston where he is currently finishing his business degree. When he isn’t studying, finding exciting new properties, or deepening his knowledge of the Houston market, Landon pursues adventures in skiing, skydiving, and watersports.