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Neal Hamil is no stranger to success. For many years the Houston native was the driving force behind the world’s two largest and most respected international model management firms; Ford Models, Inc and Elite Model Management., LLC.

As he explains:

“As far as the business model, a real estate brokerage and a model management firm are nearly identical. Both are service businesses with commission-based revenues that rely tremendously on the talents, skills and influence of agents. The back office of both companies are practically the same. Real Estate, however, is a regulated industry, whereas the model / talent management industry is primarily self-regulated. While I have come to value a regulated industry more, success in both comes down to reputation.”

Drawing from the lessons learned from life-long business mentors (all of whom are staggeringly successful), Neal has a laid back but laser focused management style. His gift of assembling phenomenal teams is, without question, one of his greatest strengths.

Managing some of the most famous people in the world helped Neal develop phenomenal negotiating skills. He has a passion for building a culture of knowledge, sophistication and cross-generational experience. Blessed with extraordinary emotional intelligence, Neal is at ease anywhere with anyone.

Animals in crisis are a priority for Neal. He serves on several nonprofit boards that enhance the well-being of animals. Through his compassion and concern for humans and animals, one of Neal’s first endeavors as President of Carnan Properties was to establish “Carnan Cares”, the philanthropic arm of the company.

“Having literally traveled the entire globe, I have witnessed the suffering of others and of animals first hand which has had a profound and lifelong impact on me and is what drives me to do more to give back,” he says.

“Great and small, human or animal, we are all connected and must look after each other’s well-being. As Ghandi said: ‘The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated’. I couldn’t agree more.”

“For most people, real estate is their most important asset. As such REALTORS® must understand that in the negotiating process, the most successful strategy is one where both sides of the transaction walk away winners.”

— Neal